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RealWorld Business Brokers are a Boutique Business consulting firm in Melbourne, specialising in Buying or Selling Businesses, Mergers and Acquisitions, Buyers Advocacy, Franchising, Commercial Real Estate.

About RealWorld Business Brokers

RealWorld Business Brokers specialise in sales, acquisition & mergers and franchising businesses. With our unique approach our whole process of buying or selling business as easy as possible for both parties.

We understand how, small medium and large businesses/companies operate as we have long history in areas of industrial manufacturing, engineering, retail and commerce alongside local expertise in media, sales and marketing. We are a boutique operation and we deliver service to help Vendor to sell their business at the same time we spend lot of time helping buyer to find the right business for them.

Our Team


Anmol Shinde (Nick)


Anmol Shinde is the Founder and Director of RealWorld Business Brokers, and the entire RealWorld Group of Companies. In addition, Anmol holds the title of O.I.E.C. (Officer In Effective Control), a pivotal position in an Estate Agency that must be approved by an Australian Government agency (the Business Licensing Authority).

An Engineer by trade, Anmol migrated to Australia 15 years ago and completed a Master of Business. After this he began working in Project Management prior to making the transition to Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate after being head-hunted by a business brokerage firm looking for someone with his vast skill-set.

It was not long until Anmol was promoted to Senior Associate, with the most outstanding record in the firm. Several years later, Anmol established his own firm with a very clear direction and mission.

With an outgoing and charismatic personality, as well as the ability to speak multiple languages, Anmol has cultivated a wide network of Buyers and Sellers who deposit in him their trust. Anmol is also a skilled negotiator and is able to mediate even the most difficult of situations between conflicting parties.


Ram Shetty


Ram Shetty is the Co-Founder and Director of RealWorld Business Brokers, and the entire RealWorld Group of Companies.

A true master-of-all-trades, Ram has academic qualification in Engineering along with an MBA.
In addition, Ram has a total of fifteen years of experience in Sales and Marketing, including hands-on experience managing a business prior to making the transition to business sales three years ago.

Ram has earned the respect of all those who have had the pleasure of dealing with him, thanks to his friendly demeanor, positive attitude and unwavering ethics.

Moreover, Ram has dedicated much of his energy towards perfecting his understanding of complex issues within business sales such as the conduct of proper market appraisals, negotiating offers as well as seeing them through to settlement.

Persistent and confident, Ram is an outstanding industry professional that is highly regarded by colleagues and clients.

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